Naked lunch or how to eat healthy

A “naked lunch”, according to the cult American writer William Burroughs, was “a frozen moment when everyone sees what is on the end of every fork.” We don’t have too many of those these days—not when it comes down to the business of eating, anyway. As food technology and production methods advance, what we put in our mouths gets tweaked, adulterated and modified. It can be all-but Impossible to know exactly what Is dangling from the tines of your fork (frozen moment or not), let alone what It’s doing to your Insides. In an effort to make things clearer, we invited afresh half-dozen of food experts and professionals to lunch at top London restaurant Number One Knightsbridge. Their task: to get to the bottom of some of food’s thorniest questions. Here then, is your blueprint for better eating.



Ian Marber To me it means lean protein, fruit and veg(more vegetables than fruit), no refined sugar, not too much alcohol, but plenty of coffee. And the main thing is to take pleasure in what you eat. Nutritionists can provide people with lots of don’ts, which can be very unsatisfying when you are in a clenbuterol cycle. Mark Hix Plenty of alcohol! Seriously, regular eating and a balanced diet. People’s bodies react very differently and I thinks you have to listen to your own. Tom Parker-Bowles Fresh food is very important. But it’s not like you can never have a burger. If what you’ re eating is healthy three-quarters of the time and you’re eating fruit and vegetables and not too many processed carbs, then you’ll be alright.

Thomasina Miers Common sense. Our grandparents’ generation, in general, ate much more healthily than anyone now. A diet that was a third simple carbohydrates, not processed, not much meat, sugar or dairy: those are simple, sensible guidelines to live by. TPB Back when we were healthiest: bring back rationing! That’s not to say we go back to no butter or sugar, but there weren’t many obese people back then.


Moira Everyone has to eat convenience foods at some point. Healthy ones can be developed: lower in salt and saturated fat, using healthier oils, adding fruit and vegetables. It can actually be healthier for you just to see what’s in food from the label, compared to food you buy without labeling, like a kebab. But if you compare a supermarket Indian ready meal with an Indian takeaway, the ready meal will probably have much less salt. TPB The majority of salt in our diets isn’t from sprinkling; it’s from processed foods such as ready meals.

Moira Salt actually builds up over tasting, so you can’t tell something’s not salty enough on the second forkful. IM you don’t necessarily have to have loads of salt in ready meals. We use lemon juice to add flavor, which is amazing; herbs and mango powder are really good too with you daily clen dosage. Give someone something seasoned with lemon juice and mango powder, and the same with salt, they can rarely tell the difference. It gives the food the same sort of tang. It doesn’t matter if it’s table salt or mined by virgin nuns, it makes bugger all difference in the body.

Avoid saturated fats, hydrogenated fats and trans fats, which you can find in some processed foods.
AM Trans fats are purely artificial. We can’t process them and they just sit in our bodies doing damage, unlike real fats that we can actually deal with. MH says… At least with ready meals you can see what’s in them via the labels. Keep a close eye on the salt, saturated fat and trans fat content. Ready meals are a part of life, so just remember that as a guideline, you should never have more than 6gofsalt in a day.


Superfoods and clenbuterol

Moira some foods can be considered super because they’re of a higher nutritional value. I’d say oily fish is one. TPB If I’m feeling ill, I eat raw broccoli. I feel better after eating raw fruit and veg when I’m ill than I’d get from guzzling vitamin pills or fizzy vitamin drinks. Moira There it is: broccoli is a superfood IM But you can have too much of a good thing: if you have too many flavonoids, for example, it could be detrimental.

AM Some of them do have more plus points than others. At our Leon restaurants, we do a superfood salad – beetroot, avocado and all sorts. And we’re not saying that it’s a cure for cancer; just that this is a list of ingredients which are all good for you. IM A lot of this is down to marketing. Superfoods have to be made to look exciting if they’re going to be marketed with clenbuterol pills. There’s nothing glamorous about broccoli, but it’s a real superfood. TM The sad thing is we’re so obsessed with superfoods because the goodness of the foods we grow has diminished, because we’ve over-farmed the soil. MH says… “Superfood” maybe a term from the marketing department, but certain foods- mostly veg-is disproportionately good for your health and weight loss. When you need additional support you can find the best online website to buy Clenbuterol pills by Sopharma online. Remember that super foods don’t work like sport: if goji berries get promoted; it doesn’t mean something else is relegated. Classics like broccoli and spinach endure. Eat as many super foods as you can.


I think burger joints get a lot of stick unnecessarily. It’s not like you go in for sushi and someone puts a gun to your head and gives you a Whopper. AM We’re very small, we’ve only got eight restaurants, so we’re peanuts compared to Burger King, but it’s still 50,000 people a week and the public don’t seem to mind that we’re doing what we do on a large scale.

Moira Pasta is fast food and that can be very healthy.
TM Exactly. Take a chef to some café in Europe and give him some good cheap food, prepared quickly, and they’ll go mad for it. It doesn’t matter about the price or whether it’s fast or not. DK What is unhealthy is eating food fast. In somewhere like Italy, food is savored and enjoyed. That’s a better attitude

TOM PARKER-BOWLES to food and it pulls people away from thinking, “I’m hungry, I’ve got a meeting soon, and I’ll rush into McDonald’s or Burger King.” Attitudes to fast food have changed considerably. My parents would have considered a baked potato or cheese on toast to be fast food. But now, beans on toast are considered healthy. MH says… The man from Burger King may well note a semantic difference between fast food and junk food, but the fact is that a lot of what is served in BK, McDonald’s and the rest is fatty and has a high salt and sugar content so you will need clenbuterol diet. Chains like Leon are doing their bit to serve decent food at pace-which is to be commended. As that grows, and the traditional fast food chains are forced to be more open about nutritional content on their websites, your choice should be more about what you’re eating, rather than the pace at which you eat it.


Moira You’d expect me to say this, but I don’t think they are all bad. Our parents’ generation would say the arrival of supermarkets brought a plethora of benefits, not least convenient access to fresh food. Take them away and people just couldn’t rely on farmer’s markets. AM They’re not bad, and we’ll never be without them, but something’s, such as cheap chickens, I find soul-destroying. DK It’s actually easier now to eat a healthy diet by shopping there. If !want to transform my diet and eat better, I could do that via the supermarkets. TPB Supermarkets are there to make money: criticizing them is like telling off a tiger for eating meat. They love Fair trade and organic because they can whack a sodding great margin on them. TM It’s frustrating that fruit, vegetables and herbs can be much more expensive in the supermarkets. Local shops also offer access to cheap fresh produce in combination with clen. When, globally, we run out of grain, it will be because supermarkets have forced developing countries to stop growing grain and start growing other things that people want to eat all year round, such as pineapples.

Or they grow soya beans and corn, for cornflour, soy products and biofuels. TPB Look at pork: as grain prices rise, pigs become less sustainable to farm, whether you do it intensively or in the most glorious organic way. So the supermarkets put up prices, but don’t pass on the gains to pig farmers. Lots of farmers are thinking about giving up pig farming, which is a backbone of parts of Britain. Basically, supermarkets should be more responsible.
MH says… Supermarkets are big multinational businesses with a primary aim of maximizing profit. If you’re interested in the wider food economy, then you’re probably already buying as much as possible from smaller shops. For the rest of us, of course, there’s no substitute for convenience, but if you want to get the lowest prices and the most nutritious food then try at least shopping around for your fruit and veg.


If you take in nutrients that aren’t part of the natural package you get from food, it can affect levels of other nutrients in the body. And we now have foods with supplementation in them: cholesterol-reducing products were first; now we’ve got things like stress-reducing chocolate. If it’s done sensibly and responsibly then I think it has a value. But I don’t think it is being done sensibly.

Food science is necessary. At some point food technologists won’t be the baddies. When the world gets over-populated, we’ll need them. AM I don’t like the idea of eating or cooking something that’s got added stuff in it, like an apple with extra caffeine in. I don’t think anyone would. TM It’s also why many people are wheat intolerant, because we’ve bred and cross-bred wheat so much that it isn’t the same as it was and now we can’t deal with the new levels and types of gluten. IM Processed foods are most likely to have added nutrients, though. It’s not that apples will be genetically modified. So the way we eat should be about the balance of nutrients from natural foods and clenbuterol for men and women. MH says… Adding artificial value to food is an idea that has been with us for generations, and as pressures on the food chain develop, you’re going to have to make choices- in the supermarket or at the ballot box-about whether you support scientists fiddling with the nutritional profile of your dinner. It’s worth remembering that your body has developed over millennia of evolution to process natural foods to obtain the best possible nutrition. By throwing vitamin pills down your neck, or buying into foods that offer artificial nutritional support, you risk upsetting the balance of your body. Your choice, of course-but if you and up apple intolerant and addicted to multivits, don’t say we didn’t warn you.


It’s just stretched cheese, it’s not that bad. The devi l’s work is stuffed crust pizza. Calories, fat, sugar: it’s got the lot. Failing that, it’s refined sugar, which changes your blood glucose levels and that’ s when you get hungry and you start making bad food decisions.
Moira Super-sized portions.
AM Fish from the other side of the world. TM I don’t think you should ever be that categorical, food should be about pleasure. It shouldn’t be about rules. MH says… We are men, and one of the immutable rules of manhood is that when drunkor hungry, anything goes. (Just not stuffed crust pizza. Curses.)

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